As the 2019 NFL season continues, it’s been a tough one to watch so far if you’re a Chicago Bears fan. Through the first six games of the season, the Bears sit at 3-3 and have looked like a team that’s still learning how to play together than a team that’s ready to compete for a Super Bowl. In addition, there’s the play of third-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who’s yet to take the next step and become a true franchise quarterback the Bears envisioned him to be when the team drafted him in 2017.

Trubisky’s play in 2019 has been hard to judge so far. Many argue he’s regressed to the point where the Bears should consider trading for a quarterback while others argue bad playcalling, a shaky offensive line, and a lack of commitment to the running game by head coach Matt Nagy are all factors that have led to Trubisky regressing.

With the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, October 29th, many think the best option for the Bears would be trading for a veteran quarterback such as Andy Dalton. However, there are a few problems associated with trading for a guy like Dalton. First, there’s no guarantee that he’d be able to step in and begin to steer the Bears offense in the right direction. And second, the Bears do not have the draft capital required to acquire a guy like Dalton. The Bears are already short on picks in 2020 due to the Khalil Mack trade and trading away 2021 selections doesn’t make sense either.

Another potential route is the option of addressing the quarterback position via the free agency market during the 2020 offseason. This would mean the Bears could get a chance at signing guys like Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota, and possibly even Dak Prescott. However, the problem here is that the Bears may end up having to pay big money to either of the three names listed above which is a problem considering the Bears will be tight in terms of money beginning in 2020.

So what should the Bears do with Trubisky? While most think it’s time to move on from Trubisky, the Bears are simply better off keeping Trubisky around for the final ten games of 2019. This gives the team one final chance to evaluate whether or not Trubisky can be the face of the Bears franchise. Whether he shows up and performs or not, the Bears should still sign a quarterback during 2020 free agency because the team isn’t likely to bring back veteran backup Chase Daniel. The new quarterback signed in 2020 should also be able to push Trubisky and have a legitimate chance at competing for the starting job.

While Trubisky’s clock is ticking faster than ever, the Bears will eventually be forced to come to a decision regarding his future with the franchise. And whatever the Bears decide to do will need to be in the best interests of the franchise.