…and while this isn’t the first optimistic fall Bears fans are feeling, it is the first in quite awhile where a significant portion of the fan base is not only drinking the Kool-Aid, they are injecting it into their veins. The sting of last season still lingers as a reminder of what could have been; but the drive, focus, and enthusiasm on display in every aspect of the organization has fans far and wide itching to get the season started. When Ryan Pace remarks that, “even the sales people have a different vibe to them”, you know this feeling isn’t just the usual “rah rah” speech delivered by head coaches and general managers across the league.Yes, comparisons have been made between this team and storied teams of the past. Yes, the fans and media have commented about quarterback growth, kicking accuracy, and natural regression on both sides of the football. Yes, we all get fired up this time of the year in anticipation of another season of Chicago Bears football. But this season has a feel like no other I’ve experienced in my 46 years of life and as a Bears fan. UPI/Kersey

Matt Nagy and his staff has this team chomping at the bit so much so that it reminds me off high school football, where you play the game because you love it. Where you play the game because of the feeling you get running on to the field in front of the home crowd. Where you play the game and dream of one day playing on the biggest stage in the best league on the entire planet. Where that fire, that passion, that love, that craziness for a game we all have come to love grips us and never lets us go. Where we all are one giant family who may disagree about a player, a coach, or decision made in the game, but at the end of the day, we all have the same goals – to win the Super Bowl and to annihilate and take the life force from the Green Bay Packers and their fans.

The winds of change are upon us. For too long, we Bears fans have lived in a world of maybes and what ifs. We have lived in a world of Marc Trestman and Mel Tucker. We have lived in a world of Mike Martz and kooky Phil Emery. All of that was the ultimate test. A test of our faith. A test of our constitution. A test of our will.  Those bleak times drove us to band together and seek solace in the maybes and what ifs.


Instead now we live in a world of optimism, where the General Manager is aggressive and calculated in free agency and the draft. where the head coach is open and honest with the fans and media, enthusiastic with the staff and players, creating that youthful exuberance and fire we all felt for the first time so long ago. That fire that has been re-lit in us all. That fire that has us firing back online at anyone who dare speak poorly about our team and our chances this season. That fire that will carry us all the way to Miami as we show the world who is back to reclaim the throne as Kings in the North, Kings in the NFC, and Kings of entire NFL. Get ready for Club Dub 2.0 because the Chicago Bears are about bring it both offensively and defensively in ways we have never imagined. The Chicago Bears are about to conquer the entire NFL. The Chicago Bears are about to erase all doubt about their legitimacy as the best team in all the land. Thursday night can’t get here soon enough.