What a game!!!! What a game!!!! What. A. Game!!!! It is almost three hours since the game ended and my heart rate still hasn’t leveled out yet. Even though it’s only the second week of the season, this was without a doubt a “must win” game for the Chicago Bears. Was it pretty? No. Was it a playoff game? No. Did Mitch Trubisky and Matt Nagy calm our fears about their grasp of the offense? Not really. But you know what? WHO CARES. This team went into a place in Denver that has statistically been impossible to win at in the last fifteen years. While the defense couldn’t hold it together for one final drive. This week, Trubisky and the offense used 31 seconds, 1 time out, and a generous roughing the passer penalty to set up Eddy Pineiro for the game winning 53 yard kick. Was that pretty? Who cares?!?! It went through the uprights!!! With some distance to spare I might add. That bad boy hit seven to eight feet up the net behind the goalpost, yet I didn’t notice until the 5th or 6th re-watch as each viewing re-ignited the adrenaline rush I’ve been riding since the refs signaled that the kick was good. I don’t care about Patrick Mahomes and what he did today, I don’t care about Deshaun Watson and what he did today. I don’t care about any other quarterback than Mitchell David Trubisky of Mentor, Ohio and The University of North Carolina. HE IS OUR QUARTERBACK and today HE was the one who made the biggest throw of the game when it mattered. HE set up the kick. HE had enough presence of mind to call timeout to give Pineiro a chance. HE deserves credit for being a big part of why the Bears won the game. SO ENOUGH ALREADY. MITCH is our guy. MITCH is my guy. MITCH is the future of this team. A few short years ago, this team was the laughing-stock of the league. Now, they are pulling out clutch wins on the road, in Denver, where the Broncos were 17-1 in the last 18 home openers. So, let all of us FANS enjoy the win. Let all of us FANS celebrate a big win. Let all of us FANS partake in our own versions of Club Dub. Let all of us FANS “BEAR THE F DOWN!!!!”