Joah Rosing

The Bears Brawl Contributor

In recent years, the Bears have been plagued by the kicking position, which GM Ryan Pace recently just pointed out.

Yes, Cody Parkey is gone. Although, the woes of the positions have not been released. Finding an automatic place kicker seems to be an enigma for the Bears, along with many other NFL teams. What are the options? Cole Tracey From LSU being selected with one of the Bears draft picks? Bringing in a veteran free agent, again…Or, rolling with a little known guy like Bears’ recent signee Redford Jones. Yes, the possibilities could seem endless. Yes, it was more fun when Robbie Gould was nailing field goals at an 87% clip. Robbie Gould, now not an option this year as he was franchised tagged by the 49ers. So, what are the Bears options?

Top 3:

(Sept. 28, 2018 – Source: Marianna Massey/Getty Images North America)

1) Cole Tracy LSU

Cole Tracy, most likely will be drafted, could still be there for the Bears in the 7th round of the NFL draft. Bears having two 7th round picks and they could easily burn one to pick him up. All eyes were on him at the combine, by Bears brass and fans alike. He would cost the least amount of the potential kickers and come with a long term contract attached. At LSU, Cole Tracy won the Fred Mitchell award, given to Place kickers for excellence on and off the field in DII. He then transferred to LSU where he had a great year. What has now slowed his stock was his performance at the Senior Bowl. Missing 2 kicks at a job interview, not a good look. Many blamed bad performances at the Senior Bowl on the inclement weather, but Chicago is Home to inclement weather. Bears should be doing heavy homework into Tracey. If he comes to Chicago for a work out, might I suggest Soldier Field for the location.

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2.) Matt Bryant

Matt Bryant was recently cut by the falcons and is the most short term fix for kicker available. At 43 years old, he would only be valuable for a season or two. He spent most of last year on IR nursing leg issues. He should make around a million dollars from whichever team gives him a contract. For reference, He made 1.1 million last year.

(Sept. 29, 2018 – Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images North America)


3.) Jason Myers

Jason Myers is probably the most expensive option available. He had a pro bowl year in 2018 and was surprisingly accurate. It looks like he could be coming into his own, considering that this year was his first good year kicking. Odds are he will be asking for a bit more money because of his recent performance, probably putting him out of the Bears range they want to spend.

(Nov. 27, 2015 – Source: Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images North America)

Andy Phillips: Former Utah Kicker

Phillips was invited to Bears training camp in 2017, kicked well, but did not get a job. He consistently posts videos of his workouts on twitter, keeping his name out there. He kicks in the snow, rain, and of course whenever they do have sun in Utah. He would not cost as much as some of the big name free agents, as he could come in on league minimum. If he can show promise in training camp again, he deserves a shot to kick in games.


Donald De La Haye/ Deestroying: Youtuber

De La Haye was forced off UCF for his Youtube channel which is mildly successful. He then signed a deal with Whistle Sports and is training for the draft. He has extremely long field goal power, and might get the opportunity to kick in the NFL someday.


In my opinion, the Bears should look to draft Cole Tracy with one of their 7th round picks. If he has already been drafted, then time for a plan B. He is the most cost effective option, and if he works out he could be with the Bears for a long time. He would be on a rookie deal for four years meaning that if he ends up being a good kicker, he would here for the Bears championship window.

All in all, there is not too much to be excited about at the kicking position. After all, the 18 million dollars in estimated cap space would be much better used to resign Adrian Amos, Bryce Callahan, and Aaron Lynch, rather than spend big money on a kicker. We know how dumping big money into a kicker turned out last time.