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There are few names that has created as much buzz as Penn State running back Miles Sanders has created. Especially in the Bears’ community. He rightfully deserves the hype as an electric play-maker. However, there are some things to examine before getting too excited about him.

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  • Balance: Sanders has amazing balance carrying the ball. It contributes to his elusiveness, and it also helps him bounce off contact. Sanders shifts his weight well, and has a low center of gravity. He does a great job of keeping his weight linear, allowing him to cut very quickly and change direction very fast.
  • Vision: He has great vision, which contributes to his elusiveness. He does a great job of keeping his head up, and is always looking for the opening. He is always looking to make the next cut. Sanders does a great job behind the line of scrimmage to find the hole.
  • Explosiveness: Sanders is very explosive. He has fantastic acceleration, and reaches top speed very fast. The reason Sanders cuts so well, is that he has the special ability to stop and go on a dime. He has a lot of power stored in his leg, and he does a great job maintaining his balance during his cuts and while running. This allows him to cut at any moment, and cut with ease. This also gives him good power at the goal line.
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  • Speed: Lacks long speed despite great acceleration. Does not need to hinder overall talent level, but is not a speed threat.
  • Lack of experience: Before Sanders exploded his junior year, he was very quiet for two years. Granted he was sitting behind Saquon Barkley, but it is scary to trust a back with just one year of production.
  • Blocking: Hasn’t shown consistent pass blocking, needs to improve.
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Miles Sanders is truly a special talent at running back, who some day may be deemed as the best running back to come out of the class. His ability to create and make plays definitely makes it worth the gamble. He has the low floor, high ceiling trait that a team would want with a mid round pick. His inexperience may scare some teams, but teams that pull the trigger won’t be disappointed.

Stats for 2018-18′: 1,274 yards; 9 TDs; 5.8 YPC

Projected Round: 2

Floor: 3rd down, receiving back  Ceiling: Pro-Bowl caliber running back


Here are some videos of Miles Sanders against Michigan and Appalachian State:




Appalachian State: