Chris Varughese

The Bears Brawl Writer, Jr. Editor and Draft Expert

The Bears’ drafted Adam Shaheen in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft and then signed Trey Burton in the 2018 off-season. Both of these moves were meant to be form a formidable tight end room. However after an entire season the tight end room was widely inconsistent outside of Burton, and even he was inconsistent at times. Adam Shaheen was out at the beginning of the 2018-19 season due to an injury sustained during the preseason which kept him out for longer than expected. When he came back, he showed flashes but did not show the speed and athleticism that he was drafted for. It may be too early to label Shaheen as a bust, he needs to show improvement his third year. Either way it isn’t a bad idea for the Bears to add  a tight end via the draft. There are many options in the middle round or later depending on which route Ryan Pace chooses to go. Kahale Warring out of San Diego State is one of the most athletic prospects in the draft regardless of position and can be a great addition to the tight end room.



Measuring in at 6’5, 252 lbs Kahale Warring has fantastic size for the tight end position. He led the Aztecs in receptions at 31 in 2018, which seems like a small number but comes in a run heavy offense. As a result, Warring is a fantastic blocker in both the run game and the passing game. He benched more than T.J. Hockenson and his strength is very translatable to the professional level. He has a great build for his frame and uses that in his pass-catching game. Taking a closer look at that, he runs very well on offense. Although he doesn’t run routes like a wide receiver, he can get open very well. He accelerates very well off the line and shows good change of direction at the top of the route. His athleticism allows him to make catches all over the field, but is most effective as a possession receiver. He uses his size and frame very well to shield the ball from defenders, and he handles physicality very well with polished hand fighting. He reads zone very well for someone who has only started playing football his senior year of high school. That also points to his potential. He came out of school as a junior and coaches at San Diego State say that he has shown improvement every year that he has been there. In college he played in an offense that didn’t have a focus on an aerial attack, so Warring has one of the higher ceilings. Warring also played several sports throughout his sports career, including basketball and cross country, making him one of the most athletic tight ends in the draft.

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Warring can work on his route running a lot more. Although he has good change of direction, he isn’t efficient in his movement. On slants and out routes he rounds out his routes making it easier for defenders to stay in front of him or to guess where he’s going. He relies on his strength and physicality to gain separation off the line and off the top of his route so his footwork can definitely stand to improve. He also needs to show more consistency catching the football. Although he can catch the football well enough when he’s open or on the move, he can drop balls when he senses contact coming. He can also improve on his deep ball catching, especially over the shoulder. He tends to turn his body to catch the ball on deep routes instead of adjusting to catch it while keeping his footing for more yardage after the catch. It comes from inexperience to football as well. It is also worth noting that although he played in all of San Diego State’s games, he only started 3. He also lacks the numbers that a team would like to see from a middle round prospect.

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Kahale Warring can translate very well to the next level with his athleticism and speed. Everything about him screams a project pick, but a project with one of the safer floors. Even if he doesn’t develop into what he could become, which is a very productive starting tight end, a team would be getting a possession tight end that knows how to get open to move the chains and can block very well. It’s scary to think about what he can do with a few more years of football and a lot more experience. He probably will be a middle round pick, but one that should be allowed to grow his first year. He could be a great option for the Bears as early as the fourth round.