When G.W Gras raised the idea of creating The Bears Brawl with Mike Brez, they moved forward with a certain credo. That credo was that The Bears Brawl would create more togetherness between us, fans, followers and listeners. "The Podcast for the fans, by the fans."

Many have noticed podcasters, bloggers and writers who look to elevate themselves, their thoughts and opinions above others. While being common, this has always appalled us. Our mission became to do just the opposite. The Bears Brawl is open to all opinions, takes, thoughts, ideas, objections, criticism and compliments just the same. Our goal is to be a platform that offers a home to anyone that wants to share anything of themselves. We will debate opinions, thoughts and hot takes from anyone. Those thoughts, opinions and hot takes may be met with opposition, but they'll always be met with respect.

The Bears Brawl has been lucky enough to add two full time contributors last year. Raul Bennington and Austin Fuglestad. Raul has been a very fun addition to our weekly podcasts and will have periodicals on the website. Austin is host of "The Halas Hall Brawl" a sister show, part of the Brawl Network. Austin is also a full time contributor on The Bears Brawl podcast and writer for The Bears Brawl website.

Mike Brez

Mike Brez

Managing Editor for The Bears Brawl and co-host of The Bears Brawl Podcast.

Eat, sleeps and drinks Bears football. Safe to say anyone who knows Brez, knows that. A personality from ProSportsDaily and his Twitter handle @mikebrez5 for years, he’s known for his steadfast stances and off-season break downs for the Bears.

G.W. Gras

G.W. Gras

Senior Writer for The Bears Brawl and Lead Host of The Bears Brawl Podcast.

Gee is lifelong, die hard Chicago Bears holding it down in NYC. Know best for his sports betting acumen with Street smart sports and various podcasts, Gee now finds his home at the Brawl Network. Look for Gee’s incredible game and sports betting predictions coming this season.

Austin Fuglestad

Writer for The Bears Brawl, contributor on The Bears Brawl Podcast and Host of The Halas Hall Brawl.

Follow @unclemike21

Chicago sports is in Austin’s blood. A Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Hawks fan since birth, he’s came to be a student of each of the teams. Hear his interesting interviews and hot takes on The Bears Brawl site, Podcast and his Show The Halas Hall Brawl.

Raul Bennington III

Contributing writer for The Bears Brawl and Weekly personality on The Bears Brawl Podcast.

Follow @black_42

A student of the game of football. Life long Bears fan, but more over a fan of the sport. Find his takes on college prospects and current NFL players weekly on The Bears Brawl and his takes on twitter.