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There are many teams who would love to have Josh Rosen on their team. Teams with aging quarterbacks, bad quarterbacks, and teams who just want someone new at the position. The Cardinals who selected Rosen with the 10th overall pick last year, appear to have given up on their future with Rosen who proved that he is a very smart QB. After a one and done season with Steve Wilks at head coach, the Cardinals cleaned house and are looking to go in a different direction. They hired Kliff Kingsbury, a young head coach who backed up Tom Brady in the NFL and coached at Texas Tech. Kingsbury was fired from Texas Tech, his alma mater, and was going to be the offensive coordinator at USC before the Cardinals came calling. He signed with them and has always stated that he believed Kyler Murray should go number one overall. Since then rumors have swirled. Could the Cardinals go with the undersized Murray at number one? Might the Cardinals trade Josh Rosen?

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Kyler is obviously a big play-maker as can be seen from his one year starting at Oklahoma.  However, there are concerns with his size. He measured in at the draft at a somewhat reasonable height of 5’10’’ but that still doesn’t disavow any of the previous concerns. Murray is much more suited to play in Kingsbury’s offense, moving out of the pocket, making quick reads down the field and making plays with his legs. Josh Rosen is a somewhat mobile, pocket passer who in his one season of play in the NFL was a major disappointment. Some scouts and analysts believed that Rosen would be the best QB selected, obviously yet to be determined, but his NFL career did not get off to the best of starts. If the Cardinals do trade Rosen, here are some potential suitors who have been linked to the former high first round pick.


New York Giants– The Giants have the number 6 pick in the NFL draft, it is possible that they trade up in case a quarterback is prone to being selected by an earlier team. However, even though the Giants are “smitten” with Dwayne Haskins, Rosen is also a great option. Rosen is said to only cost a 2nd or 3rd round pick. The giants have 2 first round picks and could select the best player available at 6 and 17 if they do indeed trade for Rosen.

Washington Redskins– After the Redskins lost Alex Smith to a possible career ending injury, and Colt McCoy to a broken leg, they turned to Josh Johnson, the first pick of the failed AAF league draft. Trading for Josh Rosen would bring light to a franchise that was on pace to go to the playoffs. The Redskins already have a solid core, and have a pick right in the wide receiver sweet spot of the first round. A solid RB core with Chris Thompson, Adrian Peterson, and 2nd year back Darius Guice. Josh Rosen would be able to develop into a franchise passer and possibly lead a solid Skins team to the playoffs.

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Miami Dolphins– The Dolphins gave a 2-year contract to have Ryan Fitzpatrick be their starting quarterback. They currently have no future at the quarterback position and would have to trade up in the draft to get an acceptable starting quarterback. At 13, most likely the only QBs left are major projects and might take longer than the Dolphins have to develop. Trading for Rosen would speed up their process and possibly take them from being either a bad or mediocre team to a team that might be able to truly compete in the AFC East.


New England Patriots– It is no secret that Tom Brady is getting old. He does not have the same juice in his arm that he did earlier in his career. A pocket passer that fits the New England QB mold is Josh Rosen. Guys who have sat behind Brady for a year or two developing have a lot of value in the league. However, if the Patriots traded for Josh Rosen, the Patriots would groom him to become Brady’s replacement. Jimmy Garrapolo, Matt Cassel and Jacoby Brissett have found levels of success around the league as well as brian hoyer, and the new coach of the Cardinals, Kingsbury. Josh Rosen could be groomed to take over the reigns and attempt to continue the Patriots dynasty.


L.A. Chargers– Philip Rivers is aging, but he should still be around for a couple more years, and with the signing of Tyrod Taylor, even though there are rumors that the Chargers are one of the teams interested, it is not likely that they will be the ones to trade for him.

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All in all, Rosen is a good fit for multiple NFL franchises. There are a lot of teams that would need a coveted NFL talent like him. Being traded for a second or third round pick, and just the thought of that if he stays with the Cardinals, will give him the motivation to have a nice season, and a bright future wherever he ends up.