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Give Him Time

Lets just say this before we start…

Bears fans are going to agree with this article, non Bears fans will have a harder time.

After only 2 years in the NFL many are quick to label Mitchell Trubisky as a bust. Yes, the Bears traded up to select him number 2 overall when the league’s 2018 MVP was available at pick 10. Mahomes has put up incredible numbers, but in this article we will further examine Mitchell Trubisky and compare him to other QBs in the NFL.



One comparison that I have heard from many is Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton has been inconsistent since he came into the league out of TCU. The former Horned Frog cannot win in prime time or the playoffs. Mitch Trubisky has already in his second year won in primetime. Thrice. He also put his team in position to win the game with an incredible second half performance against the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018 NFC wild card round in just his second year in the league.


In Mitch Trubisky’s playoff  games his stats are as follows:


In Andy Dalton’s playoff games his stats are as follows:


Mitchell Trubisky has ability with his legs that Andy Dalton just does not have. He also has more pocket awareness and his throws continue to be better placed than Andy Dalton. That is one of the reasons Andy Dalton’s receivers have been continuously injured. His running backs get banged up because they are forced to carry the offensive load. Second year running back Joe Mixon got banged up last year in turn because he was forced to carry the majority of the offenses load. Mitch Trubisky kept his running backs and receivers relatively healthy. Andy Dalton did not. Mitch Trubisky already has shown more prowess and progress than Andy Dalton has shown in his entire career. Matt Nagy has created an offensive game plan that fits his quarterbacks strengths. Trubisky will not be this mobile for his entire career, but from week 1 to week 18 last year, Trubiksy’s pocket presence and confidence dramatically increased. Andy Dalton still struggles with confidence and pocket presence. He throws duck balls and has trouble completing accurate passes.



Matt Stafford the QB of the Detroit Lions has put up big statistics his entire career. The former first round pick has had solid receivers his whole career and arguably the most talented receiver from 2009 to 2015 in Calvin Johnson. During that time Calvin Johnson accrued pro bowls and all pro seasons, and was very close to a 2000 yard year. Stafford since then has still had decent receivers. Marvin Jones Jr, Golden Tate, and the emergence of a young Kenny Golladay has given Stafford a nice core, even when Lions management traded Tate to the Eagles in 2018. Stafford has played in 3 playoff games in 10 years in the NFL, and the lions have won more than 9 games only twice in his career. Those years were 2011 and 2014. Mitch Trubisky yes, had the better defense, but he did lead his offense to 11 wins in the 14 games he played. Matt Nagy deserves some of the credit for Mitch Trubisky’s success this season, but Trubisky’s incredible work ethic obviously paid off in just his second year in the league.


(Dec. 15, 2017 – Source: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America)




Drew Brees is obviously one of the greatest QBs of all time. Brees is a Superbowl winner, all pro and holds a record for completion percentage in a season. Nobody thought this would happen except for the Saints who gave him a chance after he left the Chargers. The former 32nd pick in had these stats in his first seasons, 2001 to 2005.


Via Pro Football Reference


I’m not saying that Mitchell Trubisky needs a change of scenery, just that he will improve with time and experience. He is already an extremely hard worker. With the right coach, Matt Nagy, Trubisky could improve dramatically. His season was already remarkably similar to Brees’ 2005 season:



Obviously there is an extremely small chance that Trubisky becomes anywhere as good as Drew Brees, he is an all time great. Trubisky is still on his rookie deal and has a long way to go.



The third QB off the board in the 2017 draft, Watson like both Trubisky and Mahomes did not start right away. He sat behind Tom Savage, until Savage took a brutal hit and Watson was given a chance. Watson came out immediately on fire and made fantasy owners extremely happy. However, while Watson’s stats look great, he looks uncomfortable in the pocket, and benefits supremely from Deandre Hopkins. Watson often stares down his first read before moving out of the pocket, and trying to make too many plays with his legs he is extremely prone to getting sacked. Deshaun has flashy numbers, but has been injury prone and inconsistent. While Micthell Trubisky has shown flashes of the big throws that Deshaun has made, he has done it without DeAndre Hopkins, arguably the best receiver in the league.



Mitchell Trubisky V Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes took all of his good qualities that he had in college:

-plus arm

-plus athleticism

-plus mechanics

And he then added Alex Smith’s good qualities, but not his bad qualities.

-Decision making

-Ball control

-Pocket Awareness


Mitch Trubisky sat behind Mike Glennon for a few games. Glennon is significantly worse than Alex Smith. Alex Smith has been in the league since 2005. He also had a terrible offense, which also hurt Mitchell Trubisky in his 12 games last year. John Fox ran the ball on 1st and 2nd down and either ran or passed on 3rd. He was terrible because there was nothing he could do but he has major promise. So far in his career, after sitting behind Mike Glennon instead of Alex Smith, Mitch Trubisky has shown:

-plus arm

-elite athleticism

-plus pocket awareness


Yes he is less accurate than Patrick Mahomes, but that comes with time and improving footwork. Mahomes also had an equal number on interceptions on the season. If Mahomes would have been drafted by the Bears. He would not have developed into MVP form, he had Andy Reid, while Mitch had John Fox. In conclusion, I have proved, that if Mitch was drafted by the Chiefs, he would have developed much quicker. If Mahomes had been drafted by the bears he would not be much better than Mitch.



While many people doubt Mitchell Trubisky, call him a bust, and they deny his skill at the Quarterback position. He may never be an elite Quarterback, but that is what scouts said about Drew Brees. Mitch Trubisky is already a winner in his second year. Give him time. Bears fans should be extremely excited for year two in Nagy’s offense with the work ethic that folks down at Halas Hall rave about. The chemistry between him and his receivers should further develop. Trubisky will cut down on his overthrows, and start to stop staring down his first reads. He will be able to continue to make plays out of the pocket and make improvements in his footwork and accuracy. Trubisky was always a project. His potential is still sky high. Next year will be make or break, because the Bears are in their prime Superbowl window. The defense is ready to win. The offense must catch up and if they do, there is no telling what the Bears could do next year.


I sarcastically call myself the QB guru, so I am going to give some projections for the 2019-2020 Season:


15 Games Played (Sitting out week 17)

4200 Pass Yards

33 TDs

11 INTs

557 Rush Yards

4 Rush TDs

64% Comp

Passer Rating: 101.7

13-3 Record


Watch out for a huge year from Mitch Trubisky this year.