A.J. Desai

The Bears Brawl contributor

The Bears have not had a viable pass catching tight end since the Bears traded Greg Olsen. Do the Bears have it? Short answer, No. They do not have that game changing player at tight end that can move the sticks. We saw it last season when Shaheen had an opportunity to gain more than four yards, but topples over a nickel corner like humpty dumpty. Some could make the case about Trey Burton and Adam Shaheen being our tight ends for the future, but both of them have not lived up to expectations. Trey Burton received a 4-year 32-million-dollar deal and as of right now, Shaheen is a wasted 2nd round pick when the Bears could have gotten George Kittle, who ended up in the 5th round and is doing well in San Francisco.


Going back to when Nagy was in Kansas City and what he was able to do with a complete tight end in Travis Kelce was outstanding. Travis Kelce posted two back to back 1000-yard seasons with 12 touchdowns with Nagy as the offensive coordinator. The argument here is Trey Burton and Adam Shaheen together are not anywhere close to Travis Kelce. Burton, Shaheen, and Braunecker combined for 659 yards and 7 touchdowns. That is pitiful. That is an average of 41.18 yards per game between our tight ends. There needs to be a major change in our TE group.


During free agency, the Bears could of been more aggressive rather than putting all of their eggs in the basket of Shaheen, Burton, and Braunecker. Yes, the Bears missed out on some popular names in free agency, but there are few options sitting on the market such as Luke Willson and Maxx Williams. Wilson had a down year in Detroit, but he can be used in red zone situations in Chicago, like he used in Seattle. Maxx Williams another free agent who did not pan out in Baltimore because of injuries. He needs a fresh start as well. His size and strength is something that should not be frowned upon.

The Bears will open the season with Shaheen and Burton. The tight end position is hollow and really depended on in Nagy’s offense and GM Ryan Pace cannot afford to make any moves unless he has a backup plan in the draft. A trade will take Shaheen and a draft pick to move and the Bears do not have that flexibility until 2020. As I mentioned above, they can still resort to free agency to solidify our TE group.


The Bears can make this one of their targets going into the draft. One of the targets in the draft is Alize Mack out of Notre Dame. Alize Mack could be our Travis Kelce and surprise us all. He has the upside to play in our offense and the ability to grow in the NFL. He has the blocking and pass catching abilities that can help us in the run game and short yardage passing situations to extend plays for our offense. He is extremely comfortable in the slot at times, if he is willing to get his nose dirty he can be very good blocking tight end for our running game, and he can take contact and make the catch in traffic.


The Bears will have to reevaluate the tight end position and see what additions they can make to fit Nagy’s offense. As of right now, it seems Trey Burton and Adam Shaheen are not living up to expectations. They could lean on the draft or the final wave of free agency before the offseason is over to fix their tight end woes.