The Chicago Bears, the 3-1 Chicago Bears, the 3-1 Chicago Bears and co-leaders in the NFC North have put the entire NFL on notice with their 16-6 dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings. As has been the case this season, the know-nothing national media keeps sleeping on OUR Chicago Bears. The defense will regress without Vic Fangio, the schedule is more difficult than last season, Mitchell Trubisky isn’t on par with Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson, they don’t really have any receivers, etc, etc, etc. All opinions that are easy to throw into the blog-o-sphere without any type of evidence to back up all of these lazy takes. Well the evidence that the Bears have is that the defense is comprised of some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad boys. No Akiem Hicks, enter Nick Williams. Here’s 2 sacks in on 7 tackles, plugging the running lanes and teaming with Roy Robertson-Harris and Eddie Goldman to help lead the stone walling of the league leading Minnesota run game that was averaging 193 yards a game. Their total on Sunday…40!! That’s right, 40 freaking yards on 16 carries. No Roquan Smith, enter Nick Kwiatkoski. Here’s 10 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, a special teams tackle and the absolute demolition of Dalvin Cook as he launched Cook into Kirk Cousins forcing one of the 6 sacks the defense totaled on the day. Of course when you have the single most dominant defender in football, Khalil Mack I’m talking about you, you are treated dominating and disruptive performances on a weekly basis. When you have guys flying to the ball, popping people in the mouth, being able to predict a fumble or tipped ball, you have a team that wreaks havoc and destroys offensive game plans week in and week out.

Danny Trevathan (59) and Eddie Goldman (91)  (AP Photo/Matt Marton)

Offensively Chase Daniels demonstrated why teams need to pay for quality back up quarterbacks. Mitch goes down and Daniels steps in seamlessly to lead the offense to it’s only touchdown of the game. His command of the offense was masterful. Accurate throws, quick decision making, ball control, and no turn overs. He wasn’t rattled, nervous or unprepared to step in and lead the team. While his performance will bring out calls for him to be the starter even when Trubisky’s shoulder heals, Daniels knows his role is to mentor Mitch, not compete for his job. Depending on how long Mitch will be sidelined, Nagy will put Daniels in a position to succeed. Developing a rapport with the receivers and digging deeper into the playbook, the Chicago Bears have the opportunity to catch their upcoming opponents off guard with some new offensive plays and formations.

These are the challenges championship teams deal with and overcome. They find a way, rally around one another and ultimately pull together when the rest of the world doubts them. All you Chicago Bears skeptics, I’m looking at you, and so is this team. Prepare to be proven wrong. On to Club Dub and into Victory Monday. Bear Down.