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Julian Love, CB

Height: 5’11                  Weight: 195 lbs

College: Notre Dame    Hometown: Westchester, IL

Combine Results:

  • 40-yard dash: 4.54 seconds
  • Bench Press: 14 reps
  • Vertical Jump: 36 inches
Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America


  • Fluidity: Love displays fantastic fluidity. He displays great hips and does a great job of being able to keep receivers in front of him. He flips his hip very well as a receiver crosses over his body. It also allows him to change directions very well and allows him to remain loose during coverage and break on the ball.
  • Footwork: He also has great footwork. He has very quick feet, stays very light on his toes. Does a great job of keeping his weight on his toes, which is especially important at the top of the route. It gives him a great break on the ball. His low, quick backpedal gives him the ability to play off-coverage, which is the primary technique used in the slot. He also shows great mirroring ability off press-coverage.
  • IQ: Has fantastic play recognition ability. He can diagnose screens as well as run plays. His quick play recognition allows him to get a jump on the play. His movement is very calculated, and understands leverage very well. He makes sure that he is in the best position possible to make a play. He also an above average zone defender.
Source: Michael Hickey/Getty Images North America


  • Lack of speed: Love has great acceleration, but he lacks long speed. If he gets behind by a step, he lacks recovery speed. He always needs to keep the receiver in front of him, which leaves less room for error.
  • Hesitates: Julian Love has great play recognition, but sometimes that can lead to thinking too much. He is too often caught with his eyes in the backfield. He also can be beat by double moves sometimes. This leads him to be cautious, but that prevents him from making a clear break on the ball. He needs to find the proper balance of aggressive and conservative play.
  • Lacks physicality: Gives the receiver free release, which can cause him to rely on his footwork and fluidity. Although he has exceptional skill in both of those departments, he can’t rely on that in the next level. He will need to work on his punching ability and timing to disrupt receivers.
Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America


Julian Love is a phenomenal cover corner, who is very talented. However due to speed and injury concerns he may fall in the draft. As well as the rise of other cornerbacks during the draft process. He seems to have been forgotten during the draft process. This may allow him to fall to the third round, and whatever team gets him is getting a smooth cover corner who could play the slot or the outside fairly easily.

Stats for 2018-19′: 49 solo tackles; 16 passes defensed; 1 INT

Projected Round: 2

Floor: Reliable, starting slot cornerback

Ceiling: Pro-Bowl caliber slot cornerback


Here are some videos of Julian Love versus Michigan and Vanderbilt: