Chris Varughese

The Bears Brawl Writer, Jr. Editor and Draft Expert

Adding depth to outside linebacker has been high on the list of needs for the Chicago Bears’ this off season. Another edge prospect in this year’s draft that can fill that hole is D’Andre Walker out of Georgia. He stands 6’2 and weighs 251 lbs. Walker would 3rd Georgia Bulldog that Ryan Pace has taken in the past 4 years in the draft. He can be a great addition on the edge for the Bears, especially if he fixes some aspects of his game.

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Standing at 6’2, Walker is shorter than Khalil Mack. However, Walker uses that height to his advantage. His game is all about burst and explosiveness. He’s got a great step off the edge and is a master of the speed rush technique. He also has great bend which helps him get past the offensive tackle. He is also very disciplined and smart as he also played on the inside on the Georgia defense. His athleticism and light feet allow him to play great in pass coverage. Although he is 6’2, he has great length. He is also relentless in pursuit, doing a fantastic job of shutting down runs to the outside. He does a good job of disengaging the lineman if his initial attack doesn’t work. His speed allows him to cover a lot of ground fast. His thick lower body anchors him in pass rush and makes it hard for lineman to push him around on speed rushes.

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Walker’s game may be all about speed, but that is about it. He lacks strength to set the edge properly in run support. His footwork is poor on run support, unless it’s to the outside. Then he is able to use his speed, but when he can’t use his speed he can’t make a play in the run game. He has poor balance allowing blockers to put him on the turf to easily. Walker also needs to improve his hand-fighting techniques. Too often do tackles use his height against him. He doesn’t get his hands up, which makes it easier for lineman to land a punch and dislodge him. He also only has one year of starting experience which can cause him to fall.

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D’Andre Walker will be an exceptional edge rusher in the NFL. His bend and speed are what teams crave on the edge. However, he is very one-dimensional. He will be great against the pass, whether he is in coverage or pass rushing, but putting him in on run plays is asking for trouble until he progresses. He needs to work on using his strengths to compensate for his weaknesses. He will be a quality rotational piece until he can add in the strength. However if he can add some hand-fighting to his speed rush, he will be one of the better pass rushers coming out of the 2019 NFL Draft.


Here are some videos of D’Andre Walker going against Alabama and Tennessee: